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If you are a student working towards an IB Diploma, there is no doubt that you are completely aware of the rigorous requirements of the IB syllabus. If someone is going to tell you that doing IB coursework is quite easy, please do not get lulled into believing that you can take care of everything on your own. You do need a lot of professional help from writing firms like coursework-writing.co.uk that have been in the business of assisting students in different stages of coursework writing.

One of the subjects which causes students to panic, is the Theory of Knowledge subject. It is a mandatory requirement of the IB that every student do this subject as part of the diploma. The point about IB coursework is to know what is required of you at the right time. Most of the time an IB student is asked to collect information and do a lot of research into the subjects that he opts for. Apart from this, he also has to examine the possibilities of researching on any of the subjects. The IB curriculum demands a high level of critical thinking and tries to ensure that students approach each subject with confidence and critical appreciation.

These are some of the points that students are expected to keep in mind while doing the IB diploma in general and coursework in particular –

  • A mind that questions and delves deep into every topic of every subject. For instance, it is not enough if a student goes through the lesson and answers the questions that are present at the end of each lesson. Instead, he is expected to do a lot of research on the lesson from other sources. This is where our coursework writing service could make a difference. Not only could we give the student more info, we could also guide them on how to analyze a particular topic to understand its characteristics and limitations.
  • Extensive research on allied topics. If you think you can concentrate on one topic in the IB then you must rethink your entire set of notions. The IB diploma is meant as a holistic qualification for those who want to approach higher education with in-depth knowledge of every subject. There is no room for a narrow range of topic, irrespective of the subject. For instance, if a student wants to focus on Biology coursework, he also needs to know what the scope of Applied Biology is. There are a few similarities between this and A2 Biology coursework.
  • Coursework evaluation in the IB diploma is quite different from other curriculums. We could update you on this if you are interested in getting to know more.

Our experienced proof readers have a sharp eye for typos and other mistakes that would normally diminish the quality of your hard work. Many students overlook errors, because they rush through the proofreading stage and end up with embarrassing slip-ups on their signature work.

Inadvertent mistakes and bad punctuation will give a poor impression to the reader and your argument will be taken less seriously, as it would have been otherwise.

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  • Omission of commas and semi-colons
  • The wrong font size
  • Faulty formatting
  • Lack of proper punctuation marks
  • Adding suitable quotation marks when needed
  • A bibliography that is not in proper formatted
  • Repetition of certain words or phrases
  • Incorrect joining together of two words

Our editing and proofreading services are especially useful to the visiting or overseas student, who is still struggling to learn the finer aspects of formal writing. For overseas students we can ensure that:

  • Your essay has the proper tone and uses the right vocabulary
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