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Making a top quality IB assignment on Extended Essay, TOK, WL, HI, IOP/IOC, IA, etc. is not a matter of joke as the quality should be of the highest standards to impress the moderator/examiner, invigilator. Just one grammatical, typographical, content error and you loose precious marks on that particular parameter or criteria. To get the best and highest score in your written assignments you need to get the job done by the best people in this field. And we are the best when it comes to IB assignments like TOK, WL, IOP, IOC, Extended Essay (EE), Internal Assessment (IA), HI etc.

We will give you TOP quality essays and assignments on Theory of Knowledge (TOK), World Literature (WL), Individual Oral Performance (IOP), Individual Oral Commentary (IOC), Extended Essay (EE), Historical Investigation (HI), Internal Assessment (IA) on Geography, Economics, Business & Management, Environmental Systems & Societies (ESS), etc. We specialize in essays and assignments on English, TOK, Biology, Environmental Sciences, History, Geography, Economics, Business & Management & Psychology. And above all none of our work will be having plagiarism. It’s a guarantee as we don’t deal in plagiarism and strongly discourage all kinds of academic plagiarism. Our works are so original that you don’t even need to put them over turintin for plagiarism checking!! We can say this with full confidence.

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If you want a sample work to judge our quality and depth, then please request us by mail for a sample write up and we will provide a sample essay/assignment of 100-250 words for your reference depending upon the assignment type – Theory of Knowledge (TOK) essay; World Literature (WL); Individual Oral Commentary (IOC); Individual Oral Presentation (IOP); Extended Essay (EE); Historical Investigation (HI); Internal Assignment (IA) on Geography, Economics, Business & Management (BM), Environmental System & Societies (ESS); Computer Dossier; Lab reports (DCP, CE), Design Technology, etc.

Pls give us a mail stating your requirement and we will revert back asap to you.

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Help & Guidance on almost all IB subjects (Group 1 to 6) by expert ex-IB teachers.

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